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Mexican People's
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   Holy Bibles in Many Languages   

A Ministry of Our SouthChapel.com: Mexican, South, Central &
Latin American, Caribbean & West Indies Online Christian Church Services.

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Our Church Services
Click Here to Attend Our Abba Father,
Online & Worldwide, Personal Read Through,
Complete and Full Length Holy Christian Church,
Holy Bible and Mass Worship Service!

We are Available 24-7 with Easy Access for You,
All Day and All Night, Online by Your PC, Laptop,

Notebook, Cell Phone, Pad, Tablet & Device, for
All People of All Beliefs, Races, Lifestyles,
Cultures & Countries All Over God’s Good Earth!

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* Click Here to Attend Online "ZoomChurch.com":
r Short & Simple, Serious & Holy Church Service,
 When You have Limited Time & Really Want to Attend
 A Christian Church Service, or When You Don’t Have the
Religious Freedom & Are Not Allowed to Attend Church.

We are Conveniently Here 24-7, All Day & All Night, Anytime Worldwide,
Whenever Your Would Like to Go to Church, Send US Prayer Requests or
Read the Holy Bible, in Your God Given Right of Religious Freedom.



   Prayer Requests
Send Us Your Personal Prayer Requests to::
Dr. Ralph, Dr. Tugg & Our Seriously Caring Staff at
Our Abba World, ABay & Abiding in Christ Int’l Churches!

Yes! This for Everyone of All Faiths, Races, Cultures,
Lifestyles, Countries & Places All Over God’s Good Earth!

We are Here 24-7, with Online Easy Access, All Day &
All Night, by
Your PC, Laptop, Cell Phone, Pad & Tablet!
We Will Pray to Our Heavenly Father God for You,
Your Loved Ones & Your Special Concerns, Personal &
So Very Important: Every Day Life Needs, Illnesses,
Diseases, Physical Infirmities, Emotional Damages,
Spiritual Battles & All Problems, Trials & Sufferings.

Please Give Us First Names & Your State or Country.
This Will Help Us Focus Our Prayers for You & Yours!
1. You Can Email Us Your Prayer Requests to Us at
Let Us Know & We Can Send You a Personal Response.

2. You Can Also Text Message or SMS to Us
Your Prayer Requests at
Let Us Know & We Can Text You a Personal Response.


3. You Can Call In or Telephone Us
Your Prayer Requests at
(We Will Not Call You Back or Disturb You,
But Please Know, We Will Seriously Pray to God.)

Let Us Know & We Can Text You a Personal Response.
We Will Pray & Intervene Most Reverently & Seriously to
Our Father God in Heaven for You, Your Family Friends & Everyone You
Care About, as well as, All Sickness, Diseases, Afflictions, Infirmities,
Physical Conditions, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Sufferings,
Concerns,  Needs, Worries, Your Special Heart’s Desires & Also
Any Personal Messages You Want to Send to Our One True
Father God in Heaven, All by His Almighty & Loving Will &
in the Name of Our Lord & Living Saviour, Jesus Christ.

This is a Free Ministry, We Do Not Accept Donations!
Thanks So Very Much & God Fill & Touch You, Dr. Ralph & Dr. Tugg.



Free Holy Bibles Online!

Visit Us at Bible1to1.com or ABayBible.com &
Read God’s Word to Us in Hundreds of Languages.
We are Here 24-7, with Online Easy Access for
You & All People of All Beliefs, Cultures, Races,
Lifestyles & Countries, All Day and All Night by

Your PC, Laptop, Notebook, Cell Phone, Device,
Pad & Tablet, All Over God’s Good Earth to

Read, Study & Enjoy in Our God Given Right
of Freedom of Religious Belief & Practice.


























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